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Company Formation Russia



Tax Minimization in Russia

Updated on Wednesday 13th December 2017

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Tax-Minimization-in-Russia.jpgBusinessmen who want to operate on the Russian market, which represents one of the biggest economies of the world, can benefit from various tax minimization strategies. They represent legal ways through which companies established in Russia can reduce the tax burden. Our team of Russian company formation specialists can provide assistance and advice, established in accordance with the individual situation of company.

The definition of tax minimization 

Tax minimization refers to a legal conduct through which businessmen can analyse the taxation system applicable in a country and assessing the ways that can reduce (sometimes, with an important outcome) the amount paid for taxes.

Strategies to reduce the tax burden in Russia 

One of the most common ways for tax minimization in Russia refers to charitable donations. Although the taxpayers, natural persons or legal entities, are still required to pay taxes, the level is lowered by operating this type of transactions by collaborating with a charitable entity (state or private owned), which has a lower administrative cost. 
Another way through which companies operating in Russia can minimize the amount paid for taxes is by increasing the level of tax deductions. Some of the simplest ways in which this procedure can be performed in Russia refers to the gifts offered to company’s employees or to its business partners.
At the same time, investments which take the form of reparations of Russian properties can also be included in this category. Our team of Russian company incorporation representatives can provide more details in this sense. 
Investors can also reduce the level of taxation by investing in municipal bonds which are exempt of taxes, as well as establishing a retirement investment plan (for this type of contract, several taxes do not apply). 
Businessmen, who are interested in receiving further information on the tax minimization procedures applicable in Russia, can address to our team of Russian company formation agents for assistance. 


  • Jeanne 2016-06-13

    Hello, I would like to know what is the level of taxation for companies who make charitable donations in Russia. Thank you!

    Hello, you can send us your request via e-mail at office@lawyersrussia.com and one of our specialists will answer you. 

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