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Set up SPV/SPE Company in Russia

Updated on Wednesday 13th December 2017

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Set-up-SPV-SPE-Company-in-Russia.jpgInvestors who want to open a company in Russia have several options which they can access. One of the ways in which a business can be opened in this country is through a special purpose vehicle/entity (SPV/SPE), a special legal entity which can be registered as a subsidiary of a foreign company. Unlike the general understanding of a subsidiary, the SPV/SPE company may secure its own assets in a manner in which the respective business will be protected even in the situation in which the parent company enters bankruptcy. Our company formation representatives in Russia can offer an in-depth presentation on the registration procedure available for this vehicle. 

Legislation referring to SPV/SPE companies in Russia

The SPV/SPE companies in Russia are regulated under the Securitization Law, which was amended in 2013 to provide a clearer framework available for this type of entities. The Russian legislation prescribes two main types of securitization, which refer to financial assets and infrastructural bonds
Those who are interested in company formation in Russia under the form of a SPV/SPE should know that there are two main categories, which are prescribed in accordance with the form of securitization preferred by the investor. 
Thus, the law recognizes the following: 
special purpose financial company;
special purpose project financing company.
The second type of SPV/SPE is created for infrastructural bonds and businessmen are required to invest on a long term basis in this type of company. The minimum period refers to an investment project created for at least three years and our team of company formation agents in Russia may offer further information on the requirements to set up this legal entity. 

Register a SPV/SPE business in Russia  

In order to register a company in Russia under a SPV/SPE, the entrepreneur must establish its legal entity. This type of business can be set up as one of the following: 
joint-stock company
We invite you to contact our company formation consultants in Russia for more details referring to the registration of a SPV/SPE company

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