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Updated on Thursday 27th September 2018

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Create-a-publishing-business-in-Russia.jpgThe publishing sector in Russia is appealing to foreigners who want to start a business in this field and who want to benefit from the openings in this part of Europe. The freedom of speech is granted in Russia as stated by the constitution, even if the media is in a continuous transformation. The legislation related to foreign investments is not only permissive, but it offers a series of advantages for entrepreneurs from abroad who want to thrive in Russia’s publishing sector. For company formation in Russia and the related terms and conditions, we suggest you to address to our team of company incorporation agents in Russia.

How can I open a publishing company in Russia?

The proper legal structure for opening a publishing business in Russia is the limited liability company under which a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign company can run its activities. Also, a joint stock company or a partnership may represent other business structures that can be used for such activities in Russia. Forming an LLC in Russia means observing a few requirements in this sense:
  • the Articles of Association are important documents in the company and the ones comprising information about the owners and the activities of the publishing business;
  • RUB 10,000 represents the minimum share capital for opening an LLC in Russia;
  • the company can be formed by at least one shareholder and a maximum of 50;
  • a Russian bank account is necessary at the time of opening a publishing company in Russia.

What are the activities of a publishing company in Russia?

The main activities of a publishing company in Russia are linked to the production and the publication of newspapers, magazines, books, periodicals and many more. In addition, a publishing company deals with the marketing and related promotion activities, plus the necessary advertising channels, in agreement with the editorial plan of the publishing firm in Russia. Most of the publications have their own websites, as there are many readers or clients interested in the online newspapers and the related activities.

Short facts about the publishing sector in Russia

In terms of numbers, Russia hosts approximately 83,000 media companies dealing with TV broadcast, publishing, news agencies and radio. It is good to know that the magazines and the newspapers in Russia represent 55% of the total media market in Russia. Foreigners in this country can easily establish publishing companies in private partnerships or as joint stock companies.
Investors from overseas interested in opening a publishing business in Russia can address their inquiries to our team of company formation representatives in Russia by contacting us at any time.

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