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Main Business Opportunities in Russia

Updated on Thursday 15th July 2021

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Main business opportunities in Russia.jpgRussia is a country that offers multiple business opportunities to both local entrepreneurs and those who come from abroad and who want to generate generous profits. We present some business opportunities in Russia, which you should take into account when you decide it's time to open a company. We remind you that our team of company formation specialists in Russia is at your disposal with all the necessary support to register a company in this country.

1. A business in the oil & gas sector in Russia

It is known that Russia has the largest reserves of oil and gas and that it is the largest exporter of natural gas in the world, with over 80% of total exports supporting the country's GDP. Russia is also the second country in terms of coal deposits. However, according to experts, Russia has not yet exploited all the gas fields, making the country one of the strongest in the world for this reason. Therefore, a business in this field can be extremely profitable, if you turn your attention to oil & gas processing and distribution, for example.

2. An agriculture business

Another excellent business opportunity is the one developed in agriculture. Russia's rich lands total about 1.3 million km of arable land, making it the world's third-largest exporter of wheat. Whether you want to build a farm or invest in an existing one, such a business idea is ideal for local and foreign entrepreneurs. Our team of company formation specialists in Russia can provide you with the help you need to open a business in Russia's agricultural sector.

3. A business in the tourism sector

Tourism in Russia continues to develop and to offer multiple possibilities to both local and foreign tourists. Therefore, a travel agency in Russia could be an excellent business idea in this country. In addition, the costs of opening a company in Russia are relatively low, so you can plan a budget accordingly.

4. A business in the field of wood processing

Here also, Russia is quite powerful in terms of raw material needed for furniture and accessories, many companies successfully operating in this sector. The wood processing industry in Russia is booming, so a business in this sector can only be successful, with generous profits.

5. A construction business in Russia

Although the construction sector has experienced a slight stagnation due to recent economic changes worldwide, this industry has recovered relatively quick, including in Russia. So, a business in the field of construction and real estate can be put on the list when you want to invest in Russia. In addition, Russia offers various incentives for foreign investors interested in developing business in this country.

6. A company in the field of recycling

Another good business idea in Russia can be developed in the environmental sector. As recycling is important worldwide, opportunities in this sector can be developed. For example, you can open a business that recycles plastic and paper, the raw material needed for various packaging that should meet different standards today.

7. A company in the transport sector

The transport sector is quite advantageous, especially since Russia has openings to large markets. Therefore, a transport company can be a profitable business in Russia. If you would like more details about the main business opportunities in Russia, feel free to get in touch with our specialists.

8. A car rental company

Russia is an important business center and headquarters for many top companies in the world, but also local. If you want to turn your attention to luxury services to offer to foreigners, then you can open a luxury car rental company. Even if the initial investments are relatively large, especially to develop a fleet of luxury cars, the costs will be amortized in a fairly short time.

9. Open your own cryptocurrency business

The cryptocurrency business has taken off in recent years worldwide. A business in this sector depends on the experience of the initiator and can develop quite fast if he/she takes into account the necessary tools. This can be one of the main business opportunities in Russia that you can benefit from.

10. A restaurant with international cuisine

As mentioned above, Russia is a highly regarded business center. The flow of businessmen who come to this country is quite large, so you can turn your attention to a high-class business, such as a luxury restaurant. This kind of business can be rapidly registered and implemented.
Here are some figures and statistics about the Russian economy:
  1. Almost USD 464 billion was the total FDI registered in Russia in 2019.
  2. Even the greenfield investment sector was successful in 2019, being registered around USD 25 billion in investments.
  3. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Russia 28th out of 190 worldwide economies in matters of simplified business.
More about the main business opportunities in Russia can be offered by our specialists. Contact us for information and assistance.

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